Ideas for Using Fabric Bags

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Add a country touch to jars of teas and pantry goods for gifts!


Durable satin bags used for a sewing kit to keep in the car.


Storing memories from a trip to the seashore or a rock-finding adventure!


Gamers love our bags for storing dice and small playing pieces!


Long bags used for storing gourmet pastas and other dried pantry goods.


Asian-style Dragon & Phoenix brocade bag used to store traditional green tea tools.


Gift Sacks and Wine Bags in fancy fabrics add elegance to gifts of high-end candles!

Organizing and neatly storing art supplies with washable fabric drawstring bags.


Small organza sacks used for holding small containers of bubbles, bird seed, or rice for wedding favors.


Faux fur velvet bags are great for keeping children's craft supplies and small toys organized.


Long bags are great for storing or gifting chopstick sets!


Drawstring bags used to store soaps, spices, and herbal blends for scented sachets.


Protecting a journal or favorite book in an elegant velvet bag.


Colorful bags used to store and organize jewelry.


Small sacks used to package home-made candles or pretty stones.


Larger sacks used to quickly gift-wrap hundreds of items!


Quick gift-wrapping for odd-shaped items like jars, bottles, and canisters.


Storing loose stick incense in a long bag!


Wine bags are always a great way to dress up gifts of vino!


Keeping pretty stones and crystals safe with a satin-lined velvet bag.